7 Days Explorer package

Let’s get settled

Daily Itinerary

Arrival day 

  • Transport from airport directly to your accommodation
  • Unwrap your  Welcome  bag
  • Foreign exchange at the best rate through our partners
  • Get your phone connected with our Sim Card
  •  Food coupons provided for the entire package

Orientation Day 

  • Meet and Greet Lunch with the group 
  • Get all your documents checked out with our experienced team 
  • Public transport info and bus passes 
  • Explore the city with the team and your personal guide
  • Bonus “ONZO” trip with the group

Admin Day 

  • Get your bank accounts opened
  • Get your IRD number registered so that you can start working
  • Get guidance for obtaining a New Zealand driver licence 

Planning Day

  • Sort out your long-term accommodation options
  • Get your Resumé/ CV updated to New Zealand standards
  • Guidance on job-finding and interview process
  • Assistance with all of your medical and travel insurances if required

Welcome To New Zealand

  • Welcome  Dinner with the group
  • Get all of your pending questions answered
  • Help  with any further travel needs for within New Zealand
  • We will make sure that you are ready for your new adventure in Aotearoa                       

                  (New Zealand)!

Explorer days with our special membership trips

Options include:

  • Winery tour 
  • Māori Culture  Experience
  • Volcanic island tour
  • Peter Jackson’s WETA tour
  • Glow Worm Caves tour
  • New Zealand’s Wildlife tour
  • Drive around the Coastal Beaches 


*Not all meals are included.  Please contact us for detailed itinerary.